The Heavy Burden of Migraines

It wasn’t too long ago when doctors and other healthcare professionals thought of migraine headaches as an inconvenience rather than a serious healh issue. In the 1990’s research yielded various medications and other treatment for migraines. They realized that it was important to catch migraines before they turned into full-blown debilitating headaches. If medicine could ease the symptoms of a migraine, then for some people the migrine would disappear. For others, the migraine might not disappear completely, but there would be relief.

There are the usual home remedies a person can use to help relieve the symptoms. These include various herbs and spices, ice packs. accupressure and more. Other treatments include chiropractic care, accupuncture and lying down in a dark, quiet room.

In addition there are those prescription meds. Prescription meds for migraines have become better and better. Many of the meds have improved during the last few years. Some meds that took an hour or more to start working in the past now take 10 or 15 minutes to start turning the syptoms around and stopping them.

Researchers have started the process of putting together the figures showing how much money could be saved in many ways if migraies were diminished or eliminated. When an individual gets a severe migraine and has to miss work, it costs the employee part of their paycheck and it costs the employer time and money to get the work done or to get it caught up. In addition, there are doctor’s expenses.

There is continuous research being done to try to find adequate medication and treatment for migraines. Having suffered from migraines myself, I know that treatment is getting better because my migraine episodes are fewer and further between. Hopefully this is happening in your case, too or it will be soon.

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