The Financial Mess, Stress and Migraines

There are many things that lead to migraines and many of the actual triggers have less to do than foods like chocolate, nuts, caffeine, wine and a ton of other substances, than they have to do with stress.

It is easy to eliminate the triggers that have to do with foods and other substances. Some are easier than others, but in the long run, it is easier not to drink wine or eat chocolate than it is to eliminate stress, especially in these extremely difficult times.

Researchers have suggested various ideas to help deal with stress to eliminate or at least diminish migraine headaches. Some of the suggestions are:

*When you feel stress coming on, get out – take a walk, get out of the room you are in
if possible – get some fresh air by opening a window or going outside

*Take a power nap – 15 to 30 minutes – just enough to relax you

*Visualize – Think about a place that makes you calm and/or happy

*Do something fun to make yourself laugh – even for 15 minutes. If you can spare a
minute to an hour to relax, you could avoid the migraine and go back to work with
a clear and positive mind ready to work

*Call a friend or loved one and try to meet for lunch or coffee and eep the conversation
positive – don’t brood on the problems

* Do something you like for a short time – bowling, bicycling, hiking, walking, chess,
reading, drawing or anything you really enjoy

At any rate, it is too much stress right now causing too many migraines, and though there is no way to eliminate stress or migraines completely, there are some things to do that can help you overcome stress without taking a lot of time. When you feel stress coming on, stop it before it goes too far. A few minutes to reduce stress will make your work more productive when you get back to it.  And you might not ever end up with that particular migraine.

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