Migraines Leading to Lack of Sleep and Vice Versa

Written by AnaLise on March 20, 2009 – 4:56 pm -

Migraines have ong been a trouling source of pain. These debilitating headaches are triggered by numerous causes, and for many individuals are a problem daily or nightly.

I am a migraine sufferer and have been for years. Some weeks they are not too bad. Others, I have them most days or nights. If I get one during the day, I lie down in a darkened room, take some medication and hope I fall asleep so that when I wake up, usually the mgraine is over, or at least a lot better. That’s a wonderful feeling. The only problem is that once I have taken medication and sleep – especially deeply – during the day, I find myself sitting up in the middle of the night waiting to get tired.

The doctors have given me sleeping pills in the event that this happens, however, when taking a sleeping pill, it is hard to get up in the morning to do what I have to do. That starts a different cycle. Sometimes it creates another migraine, but usually it leaves me extremely tired and needing to sleep more.

When the situation happens backwards and the migraine happens at night, it doesn’t seem so bad. Trust me, it isn’t fun, but when you take the migraine medication and lie down in a dark room and the medication works, usually – at least if the medicine works – I am able to wake up in the morning usually feeling better. Sometimes I take a sleeping pill at the same time since the migraine pill (which is not meant to be a tranquilizer or sleeping pill), and that way I am able to sleep and wake up feeling better – ready to do what I have to do for the day.

Researchers have discovered that because of all the troubles the world is going through these days, especially because of the incredible financial issues that are affecting everyone, migraines are on the rise. People who never or rarely got migraines before are getting them a lot more these days simply due to stress, which then leads to lack of sleep. Working on both and trying to focus on the positive – no matter how small – will help keep the number and intensity of migraines down and your sleep more regular and peaceful.

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