Migraines and Mold

Written by AnaLise on February 4, 2009 – 5:43 am -

Everyone in the family has gotten better and stayed better. We know now to look for mold and if we end up with the same symptoms in the future, we will check for mold by having the house inspected before we do anything else.  There is no doubt that mold in a home is not a good thing to live with. In fact, depending on the type and amount of mold, there is danger from living with it. Mold can make people sick and it can also be fatal.

I speak from experience. Our family moved into a house that had mold in it, but we weren’t aware of this. The previous occupants knew about it and didn’t disclose. Several members of the previous family that occupied the house were ill a lot with headaches, weakness, breathing problems and more. Once they moved out, the symptoms disappeared.

On the other hand, once we moved into the house, one member of our family got migraines almost daily. Another member had breathing problems, and though their asthma had done so well that they no longer took medicine, they had to go back on an inhaler. The worst case was one family member that began and continued having migraines, had fevers and chills, and could barely breathe. In fact, she was so weak; she could barely walk fro her bed to her bathroom, which is in her room under 10 feet from the bed.

The individual who had this difficult time continued to get worse. Once we had to go out of town for a business meeting. When we were away from the moldy home none of the family had any symptoms – especially no migraines or breathing problems.

We had the house inspected for anything toxic and the inspector found a lot of mold – including black mold which is the most harmful. We were told to move immediately. The rest of the family moved into another house to see what would happen to their symptoms. Within two days, most of the symptoms disappeared.

There a stories similar to our family’s. We were fortunate that we were able to move and through anti bacterial prescription medication, asthma medication and leaving (throwing out) many clothes, a lot of furniture and other items that could possibly be contaminated we avoided bringing the mold to the new house.

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