Migraines are not a Myth

Written by AnaLise on August 5, 2008 – 6:22 pm -

There are many myths surrounding migraines, and there are too many people who either don’t understand them or make light of them, leaving migraine sufferers in situations where they are in extreme debilitating pain and misunderstood, as well.

If you have ever known someone who suffers from migraines, you have probably seen them nauseated, in pain, needing to be in a dark and quiet place, sensitive to smells and seeing flashes of light.  These are just a few of the real symptoms that accompany migraines.

The reality is that migraines are a physiological and biological event affecting the blood vessels in the head.  The problem is that too many doctors and well meaning friends and family members brush off individuals who suffer from migraines by telling them that they need to try not to “stress out” so much, or they need to get help for their depression among other things.

Unfortunately, since stress and depression are not the actual causes of migraines, individuals who are trying to deal with migraines are often misdiagnosed and put on medication that is not proper for them.  In fact, the wrong medication can often make migraines even worse.  Aside from this problem, if migraines are not treated properly, it has been proven that this could lead to stroke, heart attack, permanent visual problems and even sending the person into a coma.

Migraines are a real disease.  They have been proven to be genetic, and it is now known that if one parent of a person has had migraines, the person has a 50% chance of suffering from migraines, as well. 

It has also been proven that there are various triggers for migraines.  Some are triggers that can be controlled, such as certain foods like chocolate, nuts and red wine or hard alcohol and cigarettes.  Other triggers cannot be controlled, such as a rise or fall in barometric pressure, humidity, hormone levels and more.

If you have suffered from migraines and have not found a doctor that is diagnosing and treating them correctly or is not taking you seriously, keep looking and don’t give up.  Migraines are real health problems and need to be treated.

There is help at www.migraines.org.

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