Promise of a New Migraine Medicine

Written by AnaLise on November 14, 2008 – 7:18 am -

There is more research regarding migraine headaches now than ever before.  Studies have revealed possible links between migraines and a lower incidence of breast cancer.  Other studies have resulted in information regarding triggers that were heretofore unknown.  There have been definite connections discovered between migraines and stroke, migraines and brain issues, migraines and DNA plus genetics.

There are more medications available now including meds from triptans to seizure medications to other meds used for a number of ailments now being used to treat migraines.  Not every medication works for every person, as with any other illness.

There is now a new medication being tested that should be approved by the FDA sometime in 2009.  The medication, called telcagepant, is touted as a medication that will be tough on the debilitating symptoms of migraines.

Anyone who has ever had a migraine – or sat by helplessly as a family member or friend suffered from one – knows how painful, overwhelming and debilitating these headaches are.  Many sufferers have described these headaches as feeling like “rats inside their brain trying to chew their way out” or “hot knife or spike going through the middle or side of their brain” or “their eyeball being stabbed with a burning fire poker.”  None of these are  positive experiences, in fact, folks who have been stabbed, broken limbs, had serious back problems and other painful conditions including kidney stones, have reported that their migraine headaches were much more painful and they would deal with the pain from the other injuries any day rather than cope with a migraine.

Nonetheless, the good news is that research continues and more treatments are being discovered almost daily.  Hopefully telcagepant will become the medication that truly gets a lot of migraines under control, or just helps them disappear.

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