Migraines Can Be Helped By Birth Control Pills

Written by AnaLise on August 15, 2008 – 8:29 am -

If you are a woman who gets migraine headaches that are coupled with getting your period, there is new information and hope for you.

Researches have determined that migraines from menstrual periods can be reduced, and possibly eliminated, through the use of oral contraceptives combined with other medications.  Scott and White is the company that has done the research, and they are recruiting women who have migraines associated with their periods for an eight month study.

Migraines associated with periods are more common than is widely known.  About 10% of women get these debilitating headaches during their periods, and this amounts to around 10 to 15 million women who are suffering.   Because hormones fluctuate a lot during this time, it is thought that this brings on migraines. 

Frovatriptan has been used to fight migraines once they have started, however, research is showing that this medication – before migraines start – combined with continuous oral birth control can control or eliminate these migraines.  This medication also reduces nausea and sensitivity to light that often accompanies migraines.

Dr. Patricia Sulak, an obstetrician/gynecologist and researcher for Scott and White states, “By activating certain receptors in the brain, altering neurochemistry and dilating blood vessels during a migraine, we may better control the severity of these headaches.  We are investigating how effective using a contraceptive pill may be to provide some relief these women.”

The idea behind the study is to use Frovatriptan before and during a woman’s period and possibly during other critical times, while keeping a woman on birth control pills continuously.  There is evidence that this will reduce the severity and frequency of the headaches.

This should be great news for women who suffer from this type of headache.

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