Surgery for Migraines?

There are numerous medications and other treatments that are being suggested and used to help migraine sufferers to control or end their migraines.  A lot of the medications available will stop a migraine within a few minutes if taken as the migraine is beginning.  There are other medications that can be taken regularly to keep the migraines away.  There are also treatments that include everything from aromatherapy and massage to ice packs and magnets.

The latest addition to the arsenal against migraines is surgery.  The surgery isn’t new – it has been in use to do facial plastic surgery for quite a while.  Recently, the surgery, which actually removes the corrugator muscle above the eyebrows, has been pioneered in the U.S.  It is felt that this will eliminate migraines in many sufferers because it eliminates the muscle, which interacts negatively with nerves in the area to create migraines.  This is a radical change from traditional migraine treatment and it is a drastic move to treat these debilitating headaches.

The surgery basically eliminates the trigger point of migraines.  By eliminating the muscle there is no longer a point at which the muscle can interact with the surrounding nerves creating extreme pain and pressure.  This will not work on all migraines; it is only designed for migraines that are triggered by the corrugator muscle and this particular group of nerves in the head.  It is necessary to have a screening to determine if a person’s migraines are triggered in this way and if they would be an appropriate candidate for the surgery.

Another essential point is that the surgery, though eliminating the trigger and the pain of migraines, does not eliminate the root cause of the person’s migraines.  This is important because, even if the symptoms and the pain are eliminated, the underlying cause could be a serious physical, biological or physiological issue that needs to be addressed and treated.  Migraines have been linked to many health issues including tumors, aneurism, high blood pressure, heart problems, stroke and more.  Whether or not you decide to explore the surgery you should work with your doctor to determine the actual cause of your migraines.

The fact that this surgery has been discovered may be a source of huge relief to many migraine sufferers.  It is critical to research the ramifications of surgery, as surgery is no small thing and should be avoided unless necessary.  If the cause can be determined and the symptoms can be relieved people with migraines will be able to enjoy day to day life without the pain that migraines bring.

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