Migraines Linked to Overweight Kids

For years doctors and parents alike didn’t believe that kids got migraine headaches.  In fact, moms used to say that kids didn’t get headaches at all.  More recently, researchers have concluded that indeed, children do suffer from migraine headaches, and many of them are just as severe as the ones that adults suffer.

New studies have revealed that there is a connection between obesity and migraines in children.  The more obese the child is, the more frequent and more severe the migraines are.  Conversely, if the child loses weight, the migraines seem to occur less often and are not as severe. 

Studies were conducted at pediatric centers on nearly 1,000 children who were either overweight or borderline overweight.  They analyzed the children at the beginning of the study and then at 3 and 6 month intervals.  Doctors at The Cincinnati Children’s Headache Center found that as the children’s weight increased or decreased, so did the frequency and severity of their headaches.

Though a specific causal link cannot be definitely made between obesity and headaches, the association that physicians and researchers found soundly shows that there is a physiological or environmental process that are common to both conditions. 

Researchers and doctors who conducted the studies recommend that doctors who are treating children that experience frequent or severe headaches or both, should definitely consider their weight as a major factor in the situation.

This information could also help parents and educators as well, since many parents and educators are perplexed regarding the cause of these headaches and how to treat them and provide relief to children who are suffering from them.  If a child is taken to their doctor for headaches or migraines and the doctor doesn’t seem to consider weight as a factor, it is important for the parent to talk to the doctor about the subject and these findings.

Hopefully finding this link will help children avoid suffering from these debilitating headaches, lose some weight, get healthier and feel better.

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