Migraines Confused with Other Health Problems

There have always been many ideas about what migraines are and what to do to help relieve the symptoms of these debilitating headaches.  Everything from ice, aspirin, and a few other ideas, including somehow trying to get some sleep, have been touted as remedies.  Of course, usually the doctors that suggested these ideas probably never had a migraine headache themselves.

Some of the health issues that migraines are confused for are eye problems, for one.  Sometimes eye problems cause headaches, and often, the misdiagnosis results in the individual getting glasses only to find that the headaches continue.

Often you are told that it’s just a sinus headache.  People talk about sinus problems and allergies as the cause for the headaches, but even with the normal sinus remedies, the headaches often persist.

Hormones are also another issue blamed for migraines.  Sometimes they truly are part of the cause of headaches, however, when hormones are erroneously blamed for migraines, not only are the migraines not eliminated with hormone treatment, but, in addition, the hormone treatment can do harm – long lasting harm – to the body.

Stress is often blamed as the cause of a migraine.  Often, medication is prescribed and may take the edge off; however, usually the headaches do not stop.

Because there are so many misconceptions, migraines can often continue, increase in frequency and worsen over time.  It is important to address debilitating headaches if you have them.  If your routine is disrupted on a regular basis or you can’t stand the pain any longer, it’s time to get help from a professional who is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of migraine headaches.

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