Ginger A Possible Migraine Remedy

Migraine sufferers know that it is hard to find real answers regarding causes and treatment for migraines.  When an individual suffers from migraines, especially chronic ones, there are few answers, and too often, it is difficult, if not impossible to get support from the person’s doctor.

When doctors are at a loss as to what to do about migraines and your doctor basically throws up their hands in frustration, it is difficult for both of you.  More and more medications have become available to offset migraines, but finding the right one can often take months, and there are questions regarding the safety of many of the medications.  Sometimes there are no medications that work well for a person at all, making the situation even more frustrating for all involved. 

Many individuals suffering with migraines prefer natural treatment but aren’t always able to find them, so they resort to prescription medication when there is no other alternative.  They are worried about side effects and drug interactions.  Plus, not all treatments work for everyone, so it becomes a case of hit or miss.

It is estimated that in the UK alone, there are nearly 200,000 migraine headaches suffered every single day.  Over 6 million people suffer from migraines in the UK on a regular basis. 

Research in conjunction with Migraine Action, the national migraine awareness organization in the UK has revealed the results of studying thousands of migraine sufferers and found that ginger has helped relieve symptoms in 63% of the people studied.  Ginger is natural and it has been used for many ailments.  Ginger – as in ginger ale – has been proven to help alleviate stomach problems including nausea and stomach pain from flu, food poisoning and other digestive issues.  Ginger is also said to help control blood pressure, ease sinus problems and help alleviate headaches, so using it for migraines isn’t a stretch.  In fact, since nausea often accompanies migraines, even if ginger doesn’t stop the headache, it can help with the nausea.

With so many questions about migraines unanswered, and with so many individuals looking for relief from migraines, ginger could be a remedy to try. It couldn’t hurt.  After all, it just might help get rid of the pain and help your health at the same time.

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