Find Relief by Identifying Your Triggers

If you suffer from migraine headaches – even infrequently – you probably know how painful and overwhelming they can be.  They can ruin your whole day, or ruin a few days, not to mention, having you feel as though your head were in a vice or worse.  In addition to feeling like one’s head is in a vice, many migraine sufferers have described the pain accompanying a migraine as anything from a knife stabbing the brain, a hot fireplace poker, pressure like that of a trash compactor.

Migraines are seriously painful and debilitating.  They are often accompanied by other symptoms including nausea and sensitivity to light, and are not always able to be controlled or overcome without prescription medication of one type or another.

The good news for individuals who suffer from migraines is that there are numerous medications available that can help.  In addition, many of the medications work in different ways so that once the proper medication is found for you, it will address the triggers in the way that your body needs them to.

Migraine treatment has come a long way during the past two decades.  Where there used to be only one or two choices of medication and those medications either worked or they didn’t, there are choices that include medication and other methods of calming the symptoms of a migraine episode.

One important area that individuals who suffer migraines need to look at is what triggers them.  Researchers and health professionals urge individuals to try to avoid migraines rather than figure out a way to treat them and cope with them.

Some triggers include food and beverages, odors or reactions to other medications or medical conditions.  It is important for migraine sufferers to chart their migraine episodes to track what as happening leading up to the migraine.  For instance, if a migraine happens after a meal, write down how long it was after the meal before the onset of the migraine and write down everything you had to eat or drink.  Keep a diary of your migraines and chart every one you have.  You will likely begin to see foods or beverages that come up repetitively.  These are your likely triggers and by eliminating them, your migraines may be eliminated.

Another essential tool in determining the cause of migraines is to look at other factors that might be present.  Tracking non-food triggers is important.  Keep a diary of your migraines and be sure to include triggers such as stress, smoking and other factors.  Did you have an argument or a stressful day at work before a migraine?  Are you trying to quit smoking?  Did you just have a cigarette?  Are you supposed to wear glasses, but had not been wearing them?  Were you in front of the computer or television for a long period of time before the onset?

Some of these simple questions can afford you the relief you are searching for.  Some migraines can be controlled or avoided by determining their triggers.

If you suffer from migraines, keep a diary for a month or more and look for your personal triggers.  By controlling the triggers that cause your migraines, you may be able to eliminate these unwanted headaches altogether.

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