Canadian Website Helps Warn of Migraines, Arthritis and More

We have all heard someone make a comment like, “It must be going to rain because my bones are aching” or “I think we’re in for a cold spell because my back injury hurts.”

If you happen to live in Canada, there is a new website that can help you prepare in advance. Created by a doctor and a meteorologist who is one of the doctor’s patients, MediClim is a website where you can sign up if you suffer from migraines, arthritis or other conditions that seem to worsen with weather changes.

By signing up on the website you will automatically be sent an email 24 hours in advance of a weather change that could exacerbate your symptoms. This way you would have time to be prepared with medication or other remedies you might need to keep your symptoms under control.

Doctors and researchers have found that individuals who suffer from migraines have difficulties with sudden cold snaps or heat waves that come on relatively suddenly. By being warned in advanced they will know to stay inside in a controlled temperature and environment.

The email service on MediClim does not give advice, but gives warning and suggests you talk to your own doctor to see what thsy feel you should do in advance to keep symptoms at bay and under control. Rather than leaving you in pain without warning.

MediClim is free and is currently available in Canada, The United States, The U.K. and several other countries. It will be expanding in 2009.

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